Here for You

For the past two decades I have traveled the world educating and inspiring people to better health naturally. As the very first wellness advocate with doTERRA International it has been an incredible journey to witness so many leveraging safe wellness solutions to support their body naturally. Along with the humanitarian efforts, positive lifestyle changes and incredible relationships formed, I am humbled to continue to show up to serve you. Whether you are here to empower your personal health journey, connect about working toward financial freedom or to discuss speaking opportunities, I'm excited to connect and glad you are here.

Essentials for Life Long Vitality

Through my experiences in business and my personal life I'm grateful to have found some consistent solutions that support my energy and emotional stability

These essentials for me have helped me avoid today's energy crisis. Most Americans turn to harmful and addictive energy drinks found at every grocery store and gas station. Without the right energy, we often give up; on ourselves, possibly our businesses and can fall short of our dreams. Sustained energy allows me the keep pushing as a busy father of 9 with many demands from my family, business and serving in my community.

Energy is not all though, for overall vitality in life I have loved being able to confidently lean on the gifts God put on the earth in nature to support my body, support my immune system and the part that gets me most excited, to support my family. 

The increased emotional support for my body and mind has kept me grounded through life's good and more challenging times. The solutions most have available today for emotional support and stability are temporary, address the symptoms vs the root cause, and can create unhealthy dependencies. On the other hand I find that leveraging nature is empowering and liberating on so many levels.

Justin's Webinars

Join my monthly live educational webinars. The recording we will keep accessible for a short time after the live event. Also check out the top webinars and few other informational videos at the "Justin's Webinars" page. 

Live education 
Learn how to live better, naturally and all the tools we have accessible to us through  doTERRA wellness products and essential oils to help us amplify our lifestyle and our life.

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The live event replays are accessible for 24 to 48 hours maximum following the live events.

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Learn More About Basecamp

Basecamp is an incredible experience for the doTERRA wellness advocates to launch/re-launch their business; deepen their belief in the company, the business, the products and most importantly themselves. This event is led by Master Distributor of doTERRA, Justin Harrison and includes an amazing line up of powerful presenters and leaders to help you shorten the learning curve and amplify your business success serving others with natural wellness solutions.

Work With Me

Is your heart called to serve others? 

Do you enjoy helping them find hope and creating a lasting impact for them personally or their family? 

Do you love companies that truly create impact, in an incredibly positive way at every part of the process from sourcing to the in home solutions they offer?

Do you long for a company who refuses to compromise the integrity and offers only the highest quality product resulting in amazing customer experiences? 

If even one of these align with you answers, we should talk a little more. If you are like me and long to both provide for your family while leveraging a powerful business model all while serving others, I'd look forward to exploring a possible partnership together in the health and wellness space.

Be Part of Something Bigger

If you've been looking for more meaning and depth in your life, we're here to support you! We know you were born for big things. Join my team to receive inspiration and support to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

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If you are stuck and ready to "Get off the Bench" then my book may be just what you need. All I ask is that you cover the cost of shipping and it's yours. For only $6.95 we will  your get your book shipped out. Payments can be made to Venmo or Paypal. Please reference "I'm Ready To Get Off The Bench" when you submit payment for the shipping costs.

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