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What Is Basecamp?

A  Training To Expand The Belief In YOU

Basecamp is an incredible experience for the doTERRA wellness advocate to launch/re-launch their business, deepen their belief in the company, the business and the products and most importantly themselves. This event is led by Master Distributor of doTERRA, Justin Harrison and includes an amazing line up of powerful presenters and leaders to help you shorten the learning curve and amplify your business success serving others with natural wellness solutions.

Build Your Belief

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!

- African Proverb

This journey will take a team, a family of others who can build you up, support you during challenging times and celebrate the victories. 

Come find your family at basecamp and grow with like-minded hard working people dedicated to serving and helping others through natural wellness. All while being mentored by my dear friends and some of the most powerful and inspiring leaders in doTERRA! Join us, it might just change your life!

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Here I am sharing a bit about one of my mentors Big Al, who is a powerful word ninja and how we help guide people what troubles them to what we have to serve them.

The incredible Dr. Hill sharing his heart, passion and wisdom up close and personal in this private basecamp setting.

Jon Chase, personal trainer and expert on wellness, sharing lifestyle and biohacking tips on MetaPWR, oils and more.

Grow Your Vision

"Basecamp just may be the single best thing you do for your doTERRA business regardless of where you are in your journey. In my opinion investing in yourself, backed by a righteous goal like serving others will amplify your efforts along with your personal belief that this is possible. In fact it just may turn your dreams into reality. If no one has told you lately, you are worth it and you can do this!"

—Justin Harrison (doTERRA's first wellness advocate)

doTERRA Master Distributor, Double Blue Diamond, Author, International Speaker, Mastermind Faculty Member,  and Father of 9

Get To Know Special Guest Presenters

Speakers and Presenters Register Here

If you have been invited to participate as a Speakers and/or presenters at an upcoming basecamp please complete the following REQUIRED REGISTRATION FORM.

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