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Leaders Are Born At Events...

"Leaders are born at events. Momentum is created at events. Connections are made to others on a similar path, stay in touch, cheer each other on, especially on the harder days. And watch the amazing personal growth journey unfold along the way. It all starts with events!"

—Justin Harrison (doTERRA's first wellness advocate)
doTERRA Master Distributor, Double Blue Diamond, Author, International Speaker, Mastermind Faculty Member,  and Father of 9

Join us at a variety of events throughout the year, some that I host and others that are run by doTERRA corporate and essential to growing your knowledge and business in doTERRA.

Access The Virtual Launch Event

Learn from over a dozen top leaders, founders and 2.0 founders in doTERRA.

Those that pre-registered and were one of the over 800 that joined us live online for our April Virtual Launch event, use the coupon code emailed to you to access everything free.

*All proceeds are being donated to HEALING HANDS FOUNDATION.

Upcoming Events

Join us for these for a variety of online and in person designed to build belief and knowledge. Broaden your education about doTERRA's powerful natural solutions and world class essential oils for getting started sharing your doTERRA passion with others.

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Trainings for Your doTERRA Biz

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Educational Webinars

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doTERRA Corporate Events

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