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Use Oils, Share Oils and Teach
others to do the same.

- Justin Harrison, The Oils Mentor

Educating The Future You

For the past two decades I have traveled the world educating and inspiring people to better health naturally. As the very first wellness advocate with doTERRA International it has been an incredible journey to witness so many leveraging safe wellness solutions to support their body naturally.


Along with the humanitarian efforts, positive lifestyle changes and incredible relationships formed, I am humbled to continue to show up to serve you. Whether you are here to empower your personal health journey, connect about working toward financial freedom or to discuss speaking opportunities, I'm excited to connect and glad you are here.


Website Overview

"Hope is not a strategy. Hope will bring people to you and through the door but if not converted to Belief they won't stay. Most often Belief in yourself can be the highest mountain but it's worth the climb.”

- Justin Harrison

Join The Global Wellness Movement

All over the world, people are looking for natural alternatives to live healthier & happier. Get inspired & receive support on your journey!

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